Top 20 Photographs of 2016 (So Far)

I just added a new gallery to the photography section. I intend to keep it up to date with 20 of my favorite photographs from the year at any given time. The hope is for these to be rapidly changing each month with only the best keeping their spot.

Due to a broken ankle, I suddenly have a lot of free time on my hands. Since the painkillers seem to limit my analytical thinking, I've been resorting to creative outlets. As such, I hope to continue improving my photography as well as adding more to my website.

I intend for the site to contain software musings of various modes. Currently, you'd never know that I actually write software for a living rather than take photographs. Once I am off the ankle-related narcotics, I hope to write much about Angular 2, TypeScript, Java 8, Kotlin, and Spring Framework.